Happy New Year

Posted: January 1, 2010 in coffee, Photography, Positivity
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As 2009 comes to a close, a New Year is upon us.  Most of us take this time to be introspective and examine how this past year has treated us.  The attitude we take in any times of trials, determines our character.  If we said “F- the world because it’s only screwed me”, how do you grow, learn and progress?  If we are able to learn from these challenges, we can then grow to hopefully become better humans.

This year has been an amazing ride.  From a 2008 which saw me with any bitterness and negativity in my heart; then finding more and more positive influences to keep my motivation to have a positive attitude, to always be progressing in this life and serving God.  The turning point?  The unfortunate and sudden death of a friend of the Health Food Industry, Benjamin Banky.  Because he was in individual who valued and lived his life to the fullest, he directly and indirectly had a positive influence on many people around him.  After the news he was killed, I took the time to examine my own life, its purpose and meaning, and decided to make the change for the better.

And better it did.  2009 saw me getting closer to my family, and even working more in the field of photography, shooting two weddings and many product images.  Because I feel more determined to work smarter in anything that I put mind to, I’ve been blessed to be around people or have found the people who share the same vision: my wife and kids, my co-workers, our Minister at our church, various podcasts about business and photography, other photographers like Chase Jarvis, the entire cast at Photofocus.com and This Week in Photography, and even more!  So do you see the purpose and meaning of having a positive attitude?  Once a decision in your mind is made to have and lead a great and meaningful life, the instruments will come to you to lead you to that positive life.  For me it’s always been God to has led me there, for others, it’s just the will and determination to always move forward despite the challenges life brings us.

2009 brought sadness and despair for many people, especially in the Philippines.  The massive typhoon that hit the Philippines back-to-back showcased to the world what kind of a world we live in.  However, the resiliency of the Filipino, and the will to share help each other really made me feel amazing and proud of my heritage.  How they overcame such a challenge and then taking advantage of the situation and just having some fun afterwards really gave me hope for people.  Below is a video of what the floods looked like as it was happening.  Amazing.

So what are my personal goals this year?

  1. I will visit more households, as I’ve done in the past.  It’s just a good thing to do.
  2. My photography will improve.  No more “machine gun” photos.  Every shot will be deliberate, which just avoids wasting time in the end anyway.  More photography projects, weddings, portraits are in the horizon.
  3. I will find other venues for my coffee machines.  The Barista Supremo system of automatic coffee machines by Saeco is really an amazing machine that grinds the coffee beans and brews when it’s ordered.  I have also decided to support organic and fair trade coffee, by using Level Ground Trading coffee exclusively.
  4. More positive influence, regardless of who you are.  Saying nice things to keep the attitude up is just another way to increase morale in this world.  Why not?

So please be fan on my facebook page and follow me on twitter.  Often, when I come across a really cool tip on anything, or took a photo on my cell phone, I would normally post on either one of those venues.  Of course read my blog.  This will be used for any of my photo / coffee / business topics and projects, as well as any positive influences in my life.  I hope that anything that I will learn could ultimately help you in any way as well.

I wish you all the best for 2010.

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